The Need for Bonding & Belonging


The idea of belonging is central to understanding – in leadership and organisational behaviour – of how people give meaning to purpose.  As social interactions become more complex and intertwined, we must develop new ways to solve old problems. In this sense, the relative decline of traditional forms of belonging, concomitant with the emergence of new global social networks, requires multiple ideas of belonging.  This combination of global and local forms of belonging raises important questions about how we define who we are in modern society. We must unravel some of age-old questions.




Christian Kurmann, Visionary Leader & Entrepreneur


CHF 550 (per person excl. MwST.)


1 day


This leadership workshop consists of the following one module:

> Module 1

Estimated time: 2 days

The importance of bonding & belonging as a leader

The practical implementation of what we learn from social and cultural anthropology



Our sense of identity is founded on social interactions that show how we belong to particular communities through shared beliefs, values and qualities. Hence we need to ask: have we lost our sense of belonging, or are we simply finding ways of defining who we are? Our modern sense of belonging strives us to move away from traditional social categories. This means, that our sense of belonging comes from moving away from traditionally defined social categories. Recent social research suggests that traditional categories of belonging are now less easily defined as distinct groups into which people neatly fit. Instead, we are increasingly obliged to choose the group, values, attitudes, qualities and beliefs with which we want to identify ourselves. This has an enormous impact on organisational behaviour which can no longer be understood by old school leadership.


The Topics

The Bonding & Belonging Leadership Workshop for Junior Leadership covers the following thematic priorities:

Module 1:

The purpose: what makes us need to bond and belong

The neuro-scientific drivers: what makes us look towards the inside or the outside that impacts decision making

The virtues, the attitudes and qualities that make us bond in difficult situations: crises, chaos or transformations


The Methods

Lecturing leadership tools combined with group session

Physical exercises and awareness training in silence

Leadership talks

Regular self-reflection

Open group discussions and reflective story-telling



Participants & Target Groups

This leadership workshop is aimed at senior management from all industries and sectors who have changed in a leadership role or assumed a new leadership function. To guarantee intense work, the number of participants is limited. We suggest early registration to reserve your place.


The Purpose

The Bonding & Belonging Leadership Workshop for Senior Leadership will incorporate the following topics:

What values and beliefs are important in forming ideas of belonging today?

Are traditional markers of belonging, such as class and community, diminishing in importance?

How are such markers reflected in the 'hierarchy' of groups to which we belong?
What convinces us to leave some groups and join others?

In an increasingly diverse and digitised world, are we becoming more individualistic and detached from human interactions?

Are new modes of belonging simply providing novel ways of fulfilling essential social needs?

What can we learn from social and cultural anthropology as a leader and decision maker?

Are the new ways in which we interact fundamentally altering what it means to be a social being?



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