The Deeper Understanding of Dependency


It’s important that we be inquisitive about our tendency to depend and become anxious. Psychologically, we inwardly depend on a belief system, on a philosophy or a brand, and seek for ourselves a mode of conduct. We seek to follow role models, brand ambassador and well-known personalities, absorbing from them a way of life that we believe is necessary to attain contentment and security. But that remains illusory. Deep down, it is not actually security we demand, it is acknowledgement; we seek recognition. We are in a state of confusion and we want someone to get us out of that confusion. We are concerned about how to escape the state we find ourselves in. Because we are anxious and often feel unable to avoid this state, we are bound to rely on some kind of dependence on authority.




Christian Kurmann, Visionary Leader & Entrepreneur


CHF 550 (per person excl. MwST.)


1 day


This leadership workshop consists of the following one module:

> Module 1

Estimated time: 1 day

The importance of dependency when we lead and inspire



If we depend on another for our inner security and for our inner well-being, our dependence is inexorably challenged, how we want to solve them with materialistic attachment. Hence we must go into the challenge of dependence itself. Perhaps if we can really intelligently dive into awareness, we may find out that dependence is not the issue at all, but rather a way of escaping from the deeper fact. Most of us cannot face that emptiness in ourselves—what often is often regarded as loneliness—so we run away from it. The fact is, dependence is something we run away from, because we cannot stand being alone with ourselves. Often we come to that point when we feel this extraordinary sense of self-isolation.


The Topics

The Bonding & Belonging Leadership Workshop for managers and decision makers includes the following thematic priorities:

Module 1:

Practicing stillness and self-reflection

The cause of why we depend

The way we think, solve problems and tackle challenges today

The drivers of trusting, courage and letting go


The Methods

Lecturing leadership tools combined with group session

Physical exercises and awareness training in silence

Leadership talks

Regular self-reflection

Open group discussions and reflective story-telling



Participants & Target Groups

This leadership workshop is aimed to any managers from all industries and sectors who have changed in a leadership role or assumed a new leadership function. To guarantee intensity of learning and working, the number of participants is limited. We ask for early registration and reservation of places.


The Purpose

The Bonding & Belonging Leadership Workshop for Senior Leadership will incorporate the following topics:

Moving from awareness to self-isolation

The purpose of emptiness: why we need to be in balance with our inner self

The use of independence as a decision maker and within the organisation

The factors of time, expectation, striving and comparison

The power of acceptance



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