Global Leadership Survey 

The survey will be conducted from July 20th through August 31, 2018. 

General information
How strongly do you agree that each of the following is part of the principles of your organisation?
1. Providing business services and / or products that have meaningful impact on clients / customers
2. Providing business services and / or products that benefit society
3. Providing employees with education, experience, and / or mentorship benefits
4. Encouraging employees to volunteer
5. Generating financial returns for our stake-holders / shareholders
6. Donating money to non-profits
7. Delivering pro-bono work and skills-based volunteerism
Indicate how much you agree or disagree with the following statements:
8. I identify with my organisation’s principles
9. Leadership sets an example for the rest of our organisation by truly living our organization’s principles
10. I consider our organisation’s principles as a factor in major business decisions
11. My organisation’s principles is clearly conveyed to all employees
12. Living our organisation’s principles is part of every employee`s performance assessment
In terms of your organisations long-term prospects (5-10 years) how much do you agree or disagree with the following statements:
13. My organisation will keep or improve its brand reputation and loyalty
14. My organisation will deliver strong growth and returns
15. My organisation will stay ahead of industry disruptions
16. My organisation will remain (or become) the leader in its industry
17. My organisation will exceed the competition
Indicate how much each of these forces fuels your assurance in the growth prospecs of your organisation:
18. Commitment to producing high quality products / services
19. Focus on long-term sustainable growth
20. Clear understanding of organisation’s principle and commitment to core values and virtues
21. Focus on the nitty-gritty and profitability
22. Focus on short-profit-returns / financial results
In terms of your organisations stakeholders (e.x. customers, employees, communities, investors, regulators), please indicate how strongly you agree or disagree with the following statements:
23. Our clients have long lasting relationships with us
24. Our clients trust that we will deliver innovative quality products / services
25. Our organisation has been in good standing with uncertainties in the past year
26. Our communities believe that we are good and helpful corporate citizens
27. Our stakeholders trust our organisation’s leadership
28. Our employees trust in our culture beliefs and principles
29. Our investors are confident in our growth prospects over the next year and beyond
30. Our employees are fully involved and bond with the organisation
31. Our employees trust we will devote in their professional development and soft skills
In terms of your organisation’s culture, how much do you agree or disagree with the following statements.
32. My organisation embraces fairness, generosity and trust
33. My organisation embraces diversity and different options
34. My organisation encourages employees to innovate
35. My organisation encourages employees to take full advantage of developing new ideas to grow opportunities
36. My organisation provides the tools and resources for employees to realise their full potential and possibilities
Considering your organisations culture indicate to what extent you agree with the following statements:
37. Leaders in my organisation actively engage in team and company-wide activities
38. Leaders in my organisation focus on maximizing human potential and developing individual capabilities
39. Leaders in my organisation create a secure working environment where employees feel at ease.
40. Leaders in my organisation are able to see another’s point of view
41. Leaders at my organisation involve and empower the opinions and ideas of employees
To the best of your knowledge, indicate how much your organisation is investing in the following in 2018:
42. New technologies *
43. Expanding into new markets *
44. Forming new and strategic partnerships and/or acquisitions *
45. Developing new products and services (R&D) *
46. Hiring *
47. Employee soft skills development *
48. Leadership development *
49. Cultural bonding and sense of organisational commonality *