Global Leadership Survey

Our research investigates whether focusing on principals rather than profit-orientation builds business assurance and drives competitive advantage. This can be a critical discovery—and underscores the significant impact a “culture of principals” can play in fostering a shining business community.

The survey will be conducted from August 1st through September 15th, 2018




Culture of Principles — Building business assurance; driving competitive advantage 2018 core beliefs, purpose & culture survey.



About the Global leadership Survey

BONDING & BELONGING Leadership`s Culture Principle Global Leadership Survey is designed to discover and explore the concept of your working environment, defined by a set of timeless core values, virtues, beliefs and principles as a business driver. This is our first global leadership survey where we seek to examine a strong sense of principles which we presume to lead to to higher levels of assurance  among stakeholders and drives courageous advantages in growth- driving initiatives. Christian Kurmann – Inclusive Leadership Inspirer is the main sponsor behind this annual survey series. 

The global leadership survey report will present the discovery of an online study which will be conducted within the United States, Europe, the Middle East & South East Asia. The survey methodology includes surveying a sample of leaders, decision makers as well as self-employed adults and employed adults, - who are employed full time by an organisation with at least 50 employees. 

Take the survey and be a part of the global research project which could change The approach to global leadership.