Chief Bonding Officer


A growing awareness of the importance of our emotional well-being is reflecting a similar and a very popular trend to be physically active. Scientific evidence of the benefits of the Buddhist practice of mindfulness has proven instrumental in catapulting it into the heart of day-to-day business. This is why one day the Chief Bonding Officer (CBO) will be a regular position in many organisations.


The CBO understands why people behave the way they do. Understanding of human needs and reactions is crucial for the in-depth understanding of the organisational culture that is formed. This is achieved through a series of enquiries and comprehensive surveys. Developing a thorough and honest opinion about the corporate culture, which is shaped on a day-to-day basis as well as resolving what those moments are all about are the challenges of the CBO.

I work in small groups together with the CBO across the entire organisation to improve the work environment for employees. The idea is to create programmes that improve employee satisfaction and/or inner balance to establish a mindful environment for employees.

Undoubtedly, CBOs are in charge of employee satisfaction. This can be achieved via planning internal events, measuring employee engagement, internal group sessions, internal workshops, regular discussions and storytelling. They can also create programmes that promote the inner balance of employees and act as a conduit for employee comments and complaints. Introducing social support for people and introducing mindfulness as a means of facilitating satisfaction within a company. CBOs teach employees how to recognise and incorporate their emotions at work more efficiently. What then occurs is an organic approach that harnesses the power of both positive and negative emotions.



The themes that can be addressed and integrated into the organisational system by the CBO:

The new learning culture

Understanding the unknown and unexpected

Overcoming fears, anxiety and frustrations

The art of not seeking

Cultivating the right qualities

Cultivating the organisational balance

The mindful approach to problem-solving