Mindful Leadership - The Inner Attitude


You have just been entrusted with an HR and People Management task. You give some thought to how you can effectively and efficiently meet the new challenges. You are expected to boost the performance of your company or your region. Be strong! You must find self-confidence and broaden your skills in your new role as a leader.




Christian Kurmann, Visionary Leader & Entrepreneur


CHF 2400 (per person excl. MwST.)


12 days


This leadership workshop consists of the following six modules:

> Module 1 Developing Inner Attitudes

Estimated time: 2 days

Practicing sitting and walking meditation

Understanding wrongdoings in everyday leadership

Self-knowledge: identifying fears, anxieties and illusions

Identifying values, qualities, talents and skills

Understanding the empathic action

Transforming ego leadership into mindful leadership

Personal self-reflection

Elementary techniques for mindfulness practice, sitting and walking meditation

> Module 2 The Importance of Self Awareness in Leadership

Estimated time: 2 days

Practicing sitting and walking meditation

Learning about mindful leadership

The purpose of mindful meditation

Personal reflection and inner observation

Cultivating intuition and stillness: acknowledging the inner self

Acknowledging instincts, impulses and emotions

Cultivating empathy: seeing and feeling others’ lives

Acknowledging unconsciousness and curiosity

Perceiving inspiration and the social environment

Developing your imagination

> Module 3 Guiding Sense towards Bonding & Belonging

Estimated time: 2 days

Practicing sitting and walking meditation

Personal self-reflection and inner observation

Understanding the mindful leadership matrix for bonding and belonging

Cultivating the 4 Cs: courage, clarity, consciousness and compassion

> Module 4 Mindful Leadership Qualities

Estimated time: 2 days

Basic understanding of mindful qualities in the organisation

The purpose of mindful qualities, attitudes and virtues and how to implement them

> Module 5 Strategic Mindful Leadership and Mindful Organisations

Estimated time: 2 days

Practicing sitting and walking meditation

Personal self-reflection and inner observation

Functional diagram of mindful leadership decision making

Role play with a mindful leadership approach:

Purpose and sense-driving

Empowerment and trust

Cooperation and curiosity

Openness and letting go

Bonding and belonging

Conscious new learning

> Module 6 Implementation of Mindful Leadership

Estimated time: 2 days

Practicing sitting and walking meditation

Personal self-reflection and inner observation

Implementing the 4 Cs into the team, the department and the organisation

Defining daily mindful rituals and practices for yourself and your working environment

Designing a Mindful Charta for yourself and your direct working environment

Designing an implementation programme for your company



Today’s biggest challenge, with the world changing so rapidly, is no longer the management of change, but the management of ‘surprise’. This means that to survive and grow, organisations must learn to adapt faster and faster to avoid bring weeded out in the economic evolution. This requires that leaders and organisations stay grounded. The Mindful Leadership workshop includes a number of teachings that are helpful in encouraging feelings of security and safety, integration, inspiration, being at ease and running an organisation with meaning and purpose.


The Methods

Intense indoor and outdoor mindfulness practices, including sitting and walking meditation exercises

Lecturing leadership tools combined with group sessions

Physical exercises and awareness training in silence

Role playing different behavioural patterns

Leadership talks

Regular self-reflection with the lecturer

Open group discussions and reflective story-telling






Participants & Target Groups

This leadership workshop is aimed at HR, culture development, talent development as well organisational development for consultants and coaches from all industries and sectors whose leadership roles have changed or who have assumed a new leadership function.

To guarantee a high level of personal attention and training intensity, the number of participants is limited. Register and reserve your place early.


The Purpose

The Bonding & Belonging Leadership Workshop for Junior Leadership will include training the following skills:

Defining yourself successfully in the new role: finding your own style of leadership

Learning contact management techniques to communicate clearly and constructively

Differentiating your communication skills

Enhancing your personal style of communication

Finding an effective personality model and applying it

Developing a useful awareness of interpersonally effective levels of cooperation



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