Mindful Leadership Retreat


Mindful Leadership is about recognising core values and having the courage to live them out in all areas of life and  serve the common purpose. Stillness gives you space to listen to your inner self.



By the end of the mindful leadership retreat, you will have improved your intuition, empathy and self-awareness:

Gaining clarity, compassion, consciousness and courage

Building communities and increasing your leadership efficiency

Becoming wiser and increasing your talents

Learning a new, balanced and tolerant leadership mind-set

Developing your intangible leadership abilities

Reducing anxiety, depression and stress







Daily practices, starting before sunrise and ending after sunset, include the cultivation of sitting mediation, indoors and outdoors, surrounded by breath-taking views, but with an intensity of practice greater than ever before. These become daily practices, walking and moving practices, cultivating and exploring your inner self and personal abilities.

While attending group talks, workshop sessions and individual meetings, you learn about mindful alignment and the mindful circle, giving  you a profound understanding of the mindful leadership philosophy. Participants gain insight into personal leadership drivers and positive poles as well as common leadership flaws and measures to avoid them. Participants pursue an understanding of the importance of emphatic drivers for leaders, and learn strategies for incorporating these drivers.