The Executive Stillness Retreat


Because everything in life occurs with a fluidity of motion, we must continuously adapt. This means we need to change, and change is not always simple. To keep ourselves in balance, we need to be connected with ourselves so that it becomes easier to resolve situations that are no longer serving the purpose.




We become more flexible in our thoughts when we are at ease, amending the way we think and develop. This helps us to sustain our empathy, our intuition and our self-awareness, all essential for fostering smart decision-making, feeling at peace, and nourishing our immune system.


This keeps us intact and trains us to be resistant – a true journey of growth within ourselves, captivating that strong energy, connecting us totally towards a new level of awareness. Experiencing stillness also means accepting new experiences, allowing new things to come along. For that, we will be guided by our instincts, impulses, emotions and feelings through the practice of sitting mediation.


Over time you will experience a true moment of oneness. This moment presents a new and wonderful learning curve for you, which includes the following:

Gaining clarity, compassion, consciousness and courage;

Becoming wiser;

Restoring your inner balance;

Reducing anxiety, depression and stress;

Getting in touch with your inner instincts and feelings;

Being connected with yourself for making good decisions;

Learning to be at ease.





Daily practices, starting before sunrise and ending after sunset, include the cultivation of sitting mediation, indoors and outdoors, surrounded by breath-taking views, but with an intensity of practice greater than previously ever before. These become daily practices, walking and moving practices, cultivating and exploring your inner self and personal abilities. This includes additional effective mindful practices, as well as various meditative practices, sitting or walking or moving as well as individual, personal and group discussions to guide your needs for better cultivating and exploring your inner-self.

The retreat also includes excursions into nearby surroundings, where you can embrace stillness in nature to further learn about yourself. In between sessions, you will have the opportunity to reflect on your personal attributes in silence, or choose from a selection of other mindful activities.