Executive Leadership Mentoring:
Mentorship with a Competitive Advantage



The world of business is changing more than ever before. The future is no longer some place you go, it is to be created, together.



There’s no question that future leaders will need constant leadership mentoring. As the business environment becomes more complex, they will increasingly turn for help in order to comprehend how to act in difficult situations. This includes more than just influencing behaviours; leadership mentorship becomes an essential part of the leader’s learning process, providing knowledge and opinions in critical areas.

What is most apparent in today’s society is the sheer diversity and complexity of everyday life. Today’s leaders are leading with questions, changing the conversation, inviting challenge and demonstrating the powerful humility and self-awareness required to truly be a leader. Without a doubt, we live in uncertain times; it is often difficult to learn how to learn differently, to evolve and to achieve. Developing high potential, facilitating transformation, and addressing behaviours are major topics through which I guide individuals around the world in leadership positions. We manage failures badly, which are often difficult to overcome. This means we do everything possible to protect our image and our reputation to prove to ourselves and others that we are not really “stupid”. But the truth of the matter is that such behaviour stands in the way of self-development, improvement and progress.

How often do we challenge ourselves with this critical question: what kind of leader do we want to be in the 21st century? Self-empowerment is a personal goal; therefore, we seek an emotional connection and empowerment in almost all areas of life. But why do we ignore this in business? Let’s address this question: How can I be a better leader? The fact is, our priorities are clearly shifting: emotional values and taking time to think and dream are increasing in importance. It is becoming necessary to comprehend and feel things with more clarity.




What is Executive Leadership Mentorship?

Leadership Whispering is a one-to-one mentoring programme, working individually with the Executive Leadership Mentor in particular areas to change into purpose-oriented value propositions, to transform and fulfil one`s leadership potential.

It is a catalyst for the enhanced performance of individuals and the teams they lead. Executive Leadership Mentoring is about creating a culture where executives feel free to talk openly about their failures, fears, anxieties and mistakes. A moment to reflect.



The leader will see clear and measurable results:

Leadership development potential;

Enhanced inner balance;

Being more conscious and courageous;

Better decision-making;

More resilience and better mechanisms for addressing stress;

Learning how to learn differently;

Stronger bonds with senior team members;

Improved emotional swiftness;

Faster overcoming of fears and anxieties;

Ability to inspire teams across cultural and geographical markers;

Strengthened working relationships;

Better at dealing with the unknown and unexpected;

Better clarity, comprehension, and consciousness.


Benefits for the organisation are likely to include:

Improved management and leadership;

More creativity and empowerment;

Effective implementation of organizational change;

Supportive teams and individuals;

Greater commitment from recipients of the coaching;

Higher retention of key people who are feel valued.



Benefits of Individual Leadership Whisperer Mentorship

Mentoring current and potential leaders by improving their performance when dealing with the unexpected and the unknown puts these individuals on the fast track. This happens with guidance through personal leadership skills, reviving forgotten talents, setting clearer goals, achieving objectives more profoundly, making better decisions, improving communications and solidifying relationships between various stakeholders.


The Executive Leadership Mentoring Approach: Long-Term Results

I am a trustworthy listener, unbiased. My approach and success are characterised by collaboration and partnership with clients and a concentrated, clear focus on achieving outstanding results in areas in which we are certain to truly bring quality and value.

My executive leadership interventions offer a transformational approach to leadership mentoring rather than a transactional approach. Instead of merely effecting short-term behavioural changes, I assist in transforming mind-sets, opinions, beliefs and understanding that make the difference between short-term change and long-term transformation that lead to profound comprehension.

It is these ingredients that result in successful leadership mentoring, enabling individuals to step out of their comfort zone, to change, to ignite a fierce desire to learn how to learn differently and to evolve. It is essential to feel good and have the right match, which is absolutely key to the success of the leadership mentoring. Without a strong feeling of trust, performance will not develop.

As a leadership whisperer, I tackle unconventional topics that bring clients to a level of better comprehension: asking unusual questions, addressing individual behaviours, exploring subjective experiences, tackling difficult and sometimes unpleasant issues at work and at home, focusing on behavioural changes required to be a successful leader. I guide clients into discovering their own path.



The Executive Leadership Mentor

As a former senior executive, I am a cosmopolitan leadership thinker who understands leaders.

I have pioneered leadership mentoring in business for over 25 years, inspiring leaders and managers around the world. I have acquired a combination of recognised qualifications in management, anthropology and organisational psychology and corporate backgrounds as well as extensive leadership experience. Through leadership mentoring interventions and unique evaluation methods, I have made solid contributions in guiding and assisting individuals focused on current and future leadership roles, building awareness of strengths, establishing personal accountability and ushering in behavioral changes that impact the bottom-line of both life and business.

At the end of the day, you will enjoy the opportunity to fulfill your potential by working one-to-one to meet your expectations, both in leadership mentoring and in business.


Executive Leadership Mentoring Programme

I deliver executive leadership mentoring sessions. I work collaboratively with clients to ensure that their needs and objectives are understood before facilitating a match with me. Each client is taken through an informal evaluation process to establish benchmarks prior to leadership mentoring, and then a subsequent final evaluation session to reveal details of development and return on investment.


Who is Executive Leadership Mentorship for?

Executive coaching is tailored to the needs of the individual. A few reasons for executive coaching are as follows:

Increased creativity and empowerment;

Preparation for role or career changes;

Managing stress, change, conflict or crisis;

Enhancing personal impact and performance;

Supporting the appointment of a person into a different role;

Accelerating personal development of individuals defined as high potential;

Acting as an objective and independent sounding board to a senior individual;

Rewarding and retaining key staff critical to the business.


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