Dealing with the New Unknown and the Unexpected


In order to learn how to deal with the unknown and the unexpected, we first must investigate our previous thought patterns and manner of looking at things.

Neuroscience has revealed that our ideas and beliefs are not simply rooted in our brain, but are very tightly coupled with our brain’s emotional centres responsible for the regulation of our ‘basal body functions’. This means that every time we are forced to ‘let go’ of a beautiful, cherished, comfortable idea, we have difficulties doing this. We are hesitant to embrace a new way of thinking. Because our brain’s thought patterns run fairly slowly, our inner attitudes and beliefs are strongly ensconced: unconscious; reflecting our entire way of thinking, feeling and acting; and transferred automatically to the next generation.    




Christian Kurmann, Visionary Leader & Entrepreneur


CHF 550 (per person excl. MwST.)


1 day


This leadership workshop consists of the following one module:

> Module 1

Estimated time: 1 day

How can we learn and deal with the unknown and the unexpected



The best way to move forward is to dissociate ourselves from such ties, responsibilities, obligations and dependencies, which in fact skew and jumble our entire inner balance. We must refuse self-centredness, refuse self-acknowledgment and refuse self-recognition for our individual achievements. To the contrary, we must value ‘team efforts’, ‘group-togetherness’ and ‘commonality’ within clusters. It is essential that we flourish within a secure environment and feel connected, as this is then converted into curiosity and passion. We then acquire the ability to discover and re-design thoughts into ideas and problems into solutions. We live out our talents, knowledge, abilities and skills so that tasks can be completed successfully. We must develop ourselves autonomously and freely.


The Topics

This Bonding & Belonging Leadership Workshop, designed for any level of management, covers the following thematic priorities:

Module 1:

Five crucial criteria for dealing with the unknown

Inner discovery: why things don’t work and why we feel overwhelmed

The concept of learning newly and differently


The Methods

Lecturing leadership tools combined with group sessions

Physical exercises and awareness training in silence

Leadership talks

Regular self-reflection

Open group discussions and reflective story-telling



Participants & Target Groups

This leadership workshop is aimed at managers in any management level of any industry or sector who have experienced a change in a leadership role or assumed a new leadership function. To guarantee intense work, the number of participants is limited. We encourage early registration to reserve your spot.


The Purpose

The Bonding & Belonging Leadership Workshop is for any level of management eager to learn about the following topics:

Becoming conscious and self-reflected

The new approach of different learning: increasing our intuition

The factor fear: anxiety and trauma

The power of trust and courage



Here you will find interesting articles related to topics in this workshop:

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