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Christian Kurmann

Full Biography


Born in 1964, he initially pursued a career in the international luxury hotel industry. Christian held numerous management and senior management positions in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and East Africa, where he was responsible for several multi-unit hotel management resorts. After his Stanford MBA and advanced management training in Senior Leadership and Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD, he furthered his studies in Cultural and Social Anthropology at Columbia University.

Kurmann then founded Authentic Hotels®, a South African boutique management company. One day, however, his inner alarm sounded and he found himself diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour. He chose to retreat as a Buddhist novice in a remote mountain monastery in Bhutan for several months, practising ancient Tibetan mediations and cultivating mindfulness during 100 days of isolation in a tiny hut, learning  to introspect. Then, he was cured without the need for any medication, which came as a surprise to both him and his doctors.


Today, Christian guides and encourages senior executives around the world to manage their companies according to the Inclusive Leadership approach, which, he believes, is the answer to challenges of the 21st century. He is the founder of Mindful Leadership LLC out of which he founded BONDING&BELONGING LLC.

Christian’s latest  book “The New Zeitgeist for the 21st Century”, published in 2016, focuses on inclusive leadership – a brand new leadership approach that fosters a more sustainable and balanced mind-set for employees and teams. It is based on his experience as a Buddhist novice. Inclusive leadership means transformation in leadership and corporate culture that is necessary when obvious and simple entrepreneurial solutions are ignored in favour of bureaucracy and rationality.